Do you get the sense that your child is highly intelligent, but their school performance suggests otherwise? Do you notice that there are surprising differences among your child’s different abilities? Can a child have exceptional intellectual skills and also some form of a learning disability or difference? The answer is yes! Children with a twice-exceptional (2e) profile are often very talented in one domain, but they also have significant struggles in another domain. This can be incredibly frustrating for them and their families. Identifying your child’s strengths and challenges can help reduce some of this frustration, foster their talents, and address their weaknesses. In this webinar, Dr. Amira Hanna of Small Brooklyn Psychology discussed what it means to be 2e and discussed her clinical experience with kids with this profile; Dr. Mandi White-Ajmani moderated a Q&A session with participants.

This webinar will help you:

  • Learn more about what being 2e means
  • Know the tell-tale signs of being twice-exceptional
  • Be informed about recommendations to consider

This webinar was conducted in partnership with Park Slope Parents, an incredible resource for parents in Brooklyn (and beyond). The recording is available to members for free and to non-members for $25. Email for access.