Small Brooklyn Psychology is a team of psychologists who strive to help people learn deep, dynamic, and actionable information about themselves and then use that information to make the changes and achieve the growth they want to see in their lives. We work with people of all ages, all cultures, all identities, and all histories, who might be struggling with all kinds of problems. We know that there’s no need to go to Manhattan for good treatment when high-quality services are here for you, in Brooklyn.

We are scientifically minded: We know the best research-backed practices for psychological and neuropsychological treatment, and we are well-trained to use them. We are also individually focused: We know how and when the best research-backed practices might or might not work for you and your family right now, in this moment. Our depth of experience means we can adapt mindfully and nimbly, providing the best services for you, as you need them.

We offer neuropsychological assessment for people from 12 months through older adulthood. We take a very comprehensive and thorough approach, where we collect as much data from as many different sources as we can, to form a full 360° picture of who someone is, with all their interconnected pieces. We understand that everyone has unique strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies that interact in a dynamic system to make them who they are today. We will communicate that information to you in a very clear and accessible way. If diagnoses are needed, we will make them, but we’re also focused on how you can use this information in real-world ways to bring about change.
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When you’re ready to make steps toward change, we also offer several different kinds of therapy, for children, adolescents, and adults, in individual, group, parenting, and family sessions. Our therapists are well-trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which helps clients learn about the thoughts and feelings that underlie their behaviors. CBT and its variants are very effective for treating many kinds of problems.
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If you’re not sure how to get started, we can work with you in shorter-term consultation sessions. Consultation is designed to be 1-3 sessions to gather information from you, make general recommendations, and point you in the direction of the best kinds of help. It can be hard to know what’s worth worrying about, where to turn for help, and how to prioritize services. We use these sessions to get you started on the right path. We can also provide a second opinion about previously given advice or data, provide trainings to schools or corporations, and speak to researchers and the media about various issues.
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