Many of us know the hallmarks of various psychological issues, whether by media exposure or personal experience. However, there’s more overlap in common psychological diagnoses than many people realize. Sometimes it’s only by understanding the subtle signs of an issue that clinicians can get a true understanding of the root of someone’s difficulty, to then devise the most effective way to address it.

Neuropsychologist Dr. Natashia Brown broke down three of our most common diagnoses—ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety—and discussed how they present in people across the lifespan. She also talked about how these issues can influence each other to muddy the diagnostic picture and lead to slightly different behaviors in an individual. Finally, she discussed effective treatment issues and strategies and answered questions from webinar participants, moderated by Dr. Mandi White-Ajmani.

See the recording below! This was the final webinar in our monthly series; see Community Talks for all previous recordings and pass them on to anyone who might be interested. This series was media sponsored by Premier Pediatrics and Park Slope Parents.