Teens who are using weed in New York City’s less-restrictive environment assume it’s safe—or, at least, safer than alcohol. Many parents assume the same, given their own past and current use. However, because marijuana appears to interfere with these last few years of brain development, the risks are higher for teens who use pot than for adults who do. Earlier and more frequent pot use is associated with significant IQ decline, difficulties with employment and relationships, and higher incidence of physical and mental health problems. In this webinar, Dr. Mandi White-Ajmani of Small Brooklyn Psychology and Dr. Julie Blitzer of NY Presbyterian explain the research on outcomes of teen pot use and gives you tips on how to talk to your teen about it.

The webinar discussed:

  • Teen brain development through the mid-20s
  • How marijuana may disrupt development
  • Long-term effects of heavy and light marijuana use in all its forms, including edibles
  • How to weigh the risks to your child
  • How to talk to your child about their marijuana use and these risks

This webinar was conducted in partnership with Park Slope Parents, an incredible resource for parents in Brooklyn (and beyond). View the recording here.