On 07/21/2020, we co-hosted a free webinar with Park Slope Parents. Our own Jill DiPietro, LCSW spoke about Managing Difficult Behaviors, presented as a PSP Coping Webinar. Jill’s presentation was followed by questions and answers from the attendees, moderated by Dr. Mandi White-Ajmani. You can watch the presentation here (please excuse Mandi’s intermittent audio in the beginning!):

Attendees learned evidence-based parenting strategies to help manage child meltdowns and emotions and to improve parent-child relationships. During the pandemic, parents are juggling more than ever before and the new challenges of today’s world can bring about difficult and confusing behavior from children. Jill DiPietro, LCSW led parents through effective behavior management philosophy and techniques for all ages. Her workshop helped parents to:
  1. Understand the impact of world events on our kids and us.
  2. Learn strategies to reinforce positive behaviors.
  3. Identify practical skills for effective behavior management.
  4. Explore ways to promote compassionate self-care.